Wedding Dance

If your wedding day is fast approaching and you are a little worried you have two left feet, then do not worry, Silvina is here to lead you onto the dance floor with confidence, elegance and style that will wow your friends and family!

Lets break it down...

First Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding dance lesson packages are generally broken into lessons of 1 ½ hours in length. We have encouraging and professional dance teachers in a town near you, ready to help you create something special for your all important day. We all know how important your special day is to you and your family so getting that first dance just right is key. Our experienced teachers will help create something magical and memorable. We can help with song choices if you are a little unsure and offer valuable advice on steps that suit your chosen song. 

You can choose from the following priced packages for your

First Wedding Dance Lessons:

Basic package

3 hours

(2 x 1.5hrs)

3 hours for £150 (for couples who are limited on time and wish to learn half or 3/4 of a song)

Standard package

4 ½ hours

(3 x 1.5hrs)

4 ½ hours for £220 (recommended for couples who want to learn a whole routine)

Advanced package

6 hours

(4 x 1.5hrs)

6 hours for £285 (if you want to go that little bit further with your dance or if you want to learn something more complicated like the Dirty Dancing routine!)


7.5 hours

(5 x 1.5hrs)

7.5 hours for £350 (Perfectly choreographed routine of your choice!)